About the campaign…

Some questions and answers

How much is it all going to cost?

It is going to cost I.R.O. £450,000

Why are we paying for it?

The School is a Charitable Trust and does not have vast reserves to use for such a project.  Currently the reserves have been used to secure additional land to provide more playing field area and enable this project to go ahead.

Is there funding available? Why has it not been applied for?

It was agreed at this stage not to look for funding from organisations such as EHB, Sport England or Lottery as it may restrict our usage and involve provision of changing facilities which the school do not currently require.

How do we donate?  What is Gift Aid?

We have Gift Aid Forms available to complete which allows you to increase the value of your gift at no extra cost to you (please click here for a form). This fundraising effort will be enhanced if individual donors complete a gift aid form.  This allows the school, at no extra cost, to reclaim an extra £250 for every £1,000 donated.  Indeed if you are higher rate tax payer 40% or 50% then donating will actually reduce your tax liability.

How does it work?

If a donor donates £1,000, HM Revenue and Customs assume this is after the deduction of basic rate tax at the rate of 20%.  They assume you donated £1000 x 100/80 or £1,250.  The charity fund is then able to reclaim this £250 tax.

Further tax relief for higher rate tax payers

A higher rate tax payer though pays tax at say 40% so they get an extra £250 off their tax (1250 x 40%-250).  So the school gets £1,250 and it costs the donor £750.  A win win situation.  A 50% tax payer gains even more.

Corporate donations

Gift aid is only available for individuals who are at least basic rate tax payers whilst corporate donations are most welcome and these are received gross by the charity.  Such donations may be deducted in calculating a company’s taxable profit in certain cases.  Advice should though be sought from the company’s tax advisers on availability of relief.

Gifts of assets

You can donate land, buildings or qualifying shares instead of cash.  These donations will usually be tax free.

Anonymous donations

It is appreciated by the fund raising committee that some donors may wish to make their donation anonymously.  Keith Phillips, governor and partner at Duncan and Toplis, Chartered accountants, has agreed that such donations may be sent directly to him at 18 Northgate, Sleaford, Lincolnshire NG34 7BJ, along with the gift aid form as may be applicable.

Donations of any value are much appreciated.  Every contribution will go towards the completion of our Project.  We hope your association with the school will prompt you to invest in its improvement and facilitate the development of current and future pupils.

How else can we help?

We are looking for enthusiastic supporters to assist us in planning, organising and running various fund raising events.  For further information please contact either Sue Bowser on 07770 899977 or Louise Reynolds on 07876 250045.

What happens next?

A Pre-Planning Application was submitted in February and Full Planning Application in April 2013.

When is construction planned to start?

Construction ideally needs to take place outside of term time.  A fully fenced hard surface can be built for £150-200,000.  The timescale to build will be determined by the generosity of donors!

Who is managing the Project?

A committee was formed to study the feasibility of constructing an All Weather Surface Pitch at St. Hugh’s.  Two Architects were asked to quote for the job submitting planning application and overseeing the project. After consideration, Steve Dunn who has had previous experience with the school and similar projects, was chosen for this role. The committee is listed below:

Chris Ward Headmaster
Mark Callun Director of Sport
Keith Phillips Governor
Sue Bowser Governor
Louise Reynolds Governor
Richard South Current Parent
Andrew Wattam Current Parent/Former Pupil