A wide and varied range of hobbies and activities are available to the children.  As well as opportunities to improve their team sports skills the children can participate in activities as varied as archery, dressmaking, glass painting, golf, photography, safe cycling and taekwondo.

For a copy of this term's hobbies, please click here.

There are many opportunities for the children to participate in educational trips and holidays.  There are annual trips to France for Years 5 and 7 which are included within the fees as are all trips and experiences during the school week. This also includes the Year 8 Outdoor Activities week in Cumbria which takes place during their last term. Each year the school also organises a skiing holiday.

Some of the sports teams have opportunities to participate in sports tours. In 2015 the 1st Rugby and Hockey teams travelled to Ireland for a highly successful tour. There was also a rugby tour to South Africa during Easter 2014, something that is to be repeated in 2016.